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AmeriHome was founded in November of 2013 by a small group of experienced mortgage professionals with deep financial, correspondent, secondary, and risk management experience.

Executive team

Josh Adler

Chief Executive Officer


Josh Adler is the Chief Executive Officer at AmeriHome, and one of the original founders of the company. Josh is responsible for leading the Capital Markets and Servicing Asset Management efforts for the company. Capital Market activities include all pricing, secondary marketing, and financing activities. Servicing Asset Management includes servicing portfolio risk management, trading, and operations.

Prior to founding AmeriHome, Josh worked in mortgage securitization for 24 years. He was previously the Secondary Marketing Executive at Bank of America Home Loans (previously Countrywide), where he was responsible for all Secondary Marketing functions including trading, pipeline risk management, best execution, pricing, modeling, and back office delivery and settlement. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Secondary Marketing at Countrywide, covering both the Non-Agency and Agency markets. Josh began his career at Bankers Trust in their MBS Trust business where his primary responsibility was cash flow modeling for mortgage-backed securities.

John M. Hedlund

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer


John Hedlund is the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of AmeriHome. John was one of the original founders of AmeriHome in 2013, and helped lead the sale to Western Alliance Bank in 2021. He leads and has responsibility for all production businesses of AmeriHome Mortgage, including Delegated Correspondent Lending, Non-Delegated Correspondent Lending, and Retail Lending.

Mr. Hedlund is an experienced C-level business executive, specializing in the strategic design, execution and leadership of large, diverse financial services organizations. He has successfully led numerous businesses through major transformational change over the past 30 years, displaying a unique ability to drive sustainable revenue growth and productivity improvements through innovation, automation and continuous improvement while fostering a loyal and cohesive leadership team.

Prior to Amerihome, Mr. Hedlund held executive positions with Bank of America, Countrywide, New Century, RBC Mortgage and Royal Bank of Canada. He holds both a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Business Administration.

John is very active in the mortgage industry and serves on a number of Boards & Committees.

Mark Miller

Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer


As the Chief Risk Officer of AmeriHome Mortgage, Mark Miller built and now leads the various Risk Management functions that operate across the company. He ensures that risks are identified, understood, and managed in a way that serves the company’s profitability, complies with regulations, and contributes to successful relationships with customers, business partners, and employees.

Before joining AmeriHome, Mark held positions at Bank of America as both the Senior Credit Risk Executive and Senior Operational Risk Executive within the mortgage origination line of business.  He has more than three decades of mortgage experience that spans all production channels (retail, wholesale, and correspondent), and includes roles in sales, operations, and risk management.

Garrett Galati

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer


Garrett Galati is the Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer at AmeriHome Mortgage where he is responsible for managing all finance-related activities, including accounting and financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, capital forecasting, liquidity management, and treasury operations.

Before joining AmeriHome, Garrett was Senior Vice President at Bank of America (previously Countrywide) where he was responsible for analyzing repurchase exposure on RMBS, modeling strategic settlement options, and executing alternative resolution strategies. Prior to that, he managed best execution, trading, and global pricing for a $4.5B monthly pipeline of home equity products at Countrywide Home Loans.

Dave Andersen

Managing Director, Chief Information Officer


Dave Andersen is the Managing Director, Chief Information Officer of AmeriHome Mortgage. In his role as one of the original founders of the company, Dave Andersen was tasked with building out the initial core data model, database, and automation that now drive AmeriHome’s day-to-day operations, analytics, and reporting.

Before joining AmeriHome, Dave served as Senior Vice President in Quantitative Implementation with the Corporate Investments group at Bank of America, and filled various senior roles at Countrywide, including Executive Vice President in Trading where he managed the sub-prime, closed-end second, and HELOC trading desks, and was responsible for all related whole loan trading, ABS securitization, pricing, valuations, and analytics. Dave’s nearly two decades of mortgage experience include the build-out and management of some of the most sophisticated data-centric systems in the mortgage industry.

correspondent leadership

Greg r. McElroy

EVP, National Operations


Greg McElroy took on the operations leadership role at AmeriHome in 2014. Prior to joining AmeriHome, he was an Executive Vice President at Bank of America on the Mortgage Default Servicing Complaint Resolution team, where he focused on regulatory and executive-level borrower issues.

Previously, Greg was an EVP in the insurance divisions of Bank of America and Countrywide where he managed the sale and servicing of consumer direct insurance products to the captive mortgage origination and servicing client base. Prior to his position with Countrywide, Greg was the Controller for Clayton, Williams, & Sherwood – a residential real estate investment and property management company.

Steve Kolker

EVP, National Correspondent Sales


Steve Kolker is the EVP, National Correspondent Sales for AmeriHome Correspondent Lending since May of 2016. He leads Correspondent Lending’s sales, and marketing teams. Steve has over 30 years of mortgage industry experience, including retail, consumer direct, wholesale, and correspondent lending channels. He has managed all facets of the mortgage business, with extensive expertise in leading fulfillment operations, sales, technology, and strategic initiative teams.

Rekha siddani

EVP, National Credit Operations


Rekha Siddani, EVP of National Credit Operations at AmeriHome Mortgage, is responsible for managing all Underwriting, Compliance and Appraisal related activities, including developing high-performing teams, creating processes and procedures, and overseeing the Scenario Desk and Condo Desk operations for all business lines and channels including Correspondent Delegated and Non Delegated, Portfolio Lending and Retail Lending .  Rekha is responsible for executing corporate initiatives geared towards efficiencies, such as vendor underwriting, automated income calculators, Condo Desk buildout, and more.  Additional responsibilities include working directly with AmeriHome’s agency partners: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and USDA. Rekha works with AmeriHome’s internal QC and Risk management departments to ensure high-accuracy underwriting and compliance execution.

Before AmeriHome, Rekha was a Vice President at Bank of America where she was responsible for Retail Underwriting Operations of Non-Conforming loans for its esteemed group of Platinum Privilege customers. Prior to Bank of America, she managed Correspondent Underwriting teams, oversaw the Condo Desk, and managed the underwriting call center at Countrywide Home Loans. Rekha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration degree from India.

Chris Maturo

SVP, Correspondent Sales, West


Chris Maturo joined AmeriHome in 2013 as one of its original founding members, responsible for sales and marketing. He currently manages the western sales region. Chris has over 23 years of mortgage experience, mostly in sales and marketing, client management, and sales management.

Before joining AmeriHome, Chris was the Director of Sales at the Praedo Institute, a compliance and loan officer training company, where he helped increase national exposure and develop some of its compliance modules still in use today. Prior to Praedo, Chris was the VP of Sales and Business Development for Veritas Funding, a regional mortgage banker located in Salt Lake City, which followed his 8 years of sales and sales management experience in correspondent lending with Countrywide and then Bank of America.

Gil Lopez

SVP, Correspondent Sales, Central


Gil Lopez joined AmeriHome’s Correspondent Sales team in 2014 and is responsible for business growth and development and effective client relationship management in the 20 central states which comprise the Central Sales Region. He has over 25 years of mortgage industry expertise in sales leadership, business development, capital markets, and structured finance in various leadership roles with companies such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, New Century, PMI, and Bank One.

Bridget Williams

SVP, Correspondent Sales, East


Bridget Williams currently serves as the SVP, Correspondent Sales for AmeriHome’s eastern region. Bridget has 23 years of mortgage banking experience. Her experience has been in retail, wholesale and correspondent sales. The majority of her career was spent in sales management with Countrywide and Bank of America, and she ended her career there as the SVP of the Builder and Realtor segment where she was responsible for running a line of business that partnered with national builders and real estate companies. After that she was involved with the start-up company National MI, where she served as the SVP of Sales, prior to joining AmeriHome in 2014.

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