Non-Delegated Underwriting

For clients approved for Non-Delegated underwriting, we underwrite loans, both agency and non-agency, for you prior to closing.  Once you have funded and closed the loan, we conduct a final review and purchase of your loan in an efficient and transparent process that you can rely on. We are your extended team, just a click or phone call away!

Loan Review Process from Submission to File Delivered

Fast. Easy. Accurate.

Client Centric Service! 

Best-in-class service and lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are the basis of everything AmeriHome Correspondent does. AmeriHome employs knowledgeable and accessible sales representatives and underwriting and support staff, clear product and program guides, and a consistent, transparent process. In addition, we place a premium on the needs of our partners, and are willing and able to make changes to policies and procedures when prudent.



Fannie Mae

    • Standard Conforming Balance Program (Fixed)
    • Standard High-Balance Program (Fixed)
    • HomeReady® (Fixed)
    • Texas 50(a)(6) (Fixed)
    • Available Delegated and Non-Delegated

Freddie Mac

    • Conforming Program (Fixed)
    • Super Conforming Program (Fixed)
    • Home Possible® (Fixed)
    • HomeOne® (Fixed)
    • Texas 50(a)(6) (Fixed)
    • Available Delegated and Non-Delegated


    • Conforming and High-Balance (Fixed)
    • Streamline Refinance – Conforming and High Balance (Fixed)
    • Available Delegated and Non-Delegated


    • Conforming and High-Balance (Fixed)
    • Jumbo Loan amounts up to $1.5 million
    • VA IRRRL Conforming and High-Balance (Fixed)


Portfolio Express

    • Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) drives the underwriting process 
    • Loan Amounts up to $2.5M
    • Minimum Loan Amounts of the Fannie Mae General Loan Limit + $1
    • Primary residence, vacation homes, and investment properties
    • Purchase, refinance, and cash-out options available
    • Cash-out available up to $500,000
    • Loans for single-family homes, condominiums, and 2-4 unit properties
    • QM/Appendix Q requirements do not have to be met

Portfolio Jumbo

    •  Manually underwritten full income documentation
    •  Loan Amounts up to $3M
    • Minimum Loan Amounts of the Fannie Mae General Loan Limit + $1.
    • Primary Residence, 2nd Homes, and Investment Properties, including 1-4 units
    • DTI up to 45%
    • Purchase and Rate & Term up to 85% LTV/CLTV with no MI

Portfolio Expanded

    • Income Documentation Flexibility
    • Loan Amounts up to $2.5M
    • Purchase and Rate & Term up to 80% LTV
    • Cash-out available up to $500,000
    • Credit Scores from 680
    • DTI’s up to 50%
    • Primary, 2nd Home, and Investment Property options
    • Investment Property options including 2-4 units & cash out and borrower may have up to 20 Financed Properties
    • First Time Homebuyers eligible
    • Non-Warrantable Condos eligible

Scratch & Dent

    • Agency and Non-Agency Fall Out
    • Fannie & Freddie
    • Jumbo & Non-QMAgency repurchases
    • DTI’s up to 50%
    • Newly originated or seasoned loans
    • Full appraisals required (PIW loans require a Drive-by)
    • Max 1×30 last 24 months, must be current
    • Compliance related issues considered
    • Must be US Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens

Emerging Bankers Program! 

AmeriHome’s Emerging Banker Program can help you navigate the transition from broker to banker by providing the knowledge, support, and resources you need! Benefits include increased access to products, control of the process, recruiting tools, not to mention increased profitability, without significant additional overhead or risk exposure!


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