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Business Continuity
Tips & Lessons Learned in the Time of COVID

For the May edition of the AmeriHome Angle, in the spirit of providing meaningful and timely content for our clients, partners and prospects, we spoke with key members of the AmeriHome Business Continuity Team to learn more about the deployment of the AmeriHome Business Continuity Plan (BCP) during the current pandemic.  While a BCP is likely to be part of every business’s policy playbook, plans can never fully contemplate every scenario, and never comprehensively predict the effects the incident will have on physical locations, financial markets, federal, state, or local governments and laws.  In this article, we will share AmeriHome’s successes, as well the lessons we’ve learned, since the decision was made to send employees to work from home on March 16, 2020. (more…)

The California Consumer Privacy Act
Implementation & Beyond

As our nation’s consumers crusade for their right to privacy and more control of their personal data, California has become one of the first states to enact legislation attempting to usurp authority over privacy rights from existing federal law.  (more…)

The AmeriHome Angle

We are excited to launch the premiere edition of the AmeriHome Angle, a monthly “quick read” designed to inform, educate, stimulate and hopefully assist our clients, prospective clients and business partners with achieving greater success. (more…)